Challenges to Reach Good Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services (medical treatment) comprises a variety of medical healthcare treatments which are designed to ease physical impairments, injuries, and weaknesses. It also involves therapeutic intervention which is carried out by a certified physiotherapist (a physical therapist). The treatments are normally done at a medical facility or at home under the supervision of the doctor. Usually, the services are offered to patients suffering from different kinds of diseases and conditions. Some of the common physiotherapy services include pain management, range of motion and strength training.

Before carrying out any physiotherapy services, it is necessary for a patient to have a minimum of six months of consecutive physiotherapy. This will be enough to get the required sample size. This period of time will give the physiotherapist enough idea on how the body reacts to the treatment. This will help him or her prepare the required interventions. For instance, if the patient has to undergo muscle strengthening exercises, the physiotherapy services need to know the level of muscle tone of the patient. Hence, six months of physiotherapy is not long enough.

The length of availabilty of physio Marrickville services in the nursing and geriatric population varies considerably. This is due to many reasons including the age of the patient and the type of physiotherapy needed. Below are some of the factors which influence the availability of the service:

The quality of service provided by a physiotherapy centre depends largely on the number and quality of medical staff members. A poor physiotherapy services market is often populated by inexperienced medical staff members who do not have the requisite skill, experience, and knowledge required to deliver effective and efficient service. Often, these centres and hospitals do not have the resources to hire competent and experienced physiotherapists, hence they fail to offer the optimal physiotherapy services. Many people in rural areas are therefore forced to seek professional services from clinics and other medical facilities outside their locality.

Sometimes, it becomes impossible for rural health facility patients to afford professional physiotherapy services. One such case was reported from an enugu resident who had undergone muscle cramps after going for a routine physical activity. He was told by the clinic management that he would have to incur extra expenditure to visit a gymnasium to hire a professional physiotherapist. When the resident's wife went to a gymnasium to look for work, she was shocked to see that the job was available for only three hours a day. Even then, the job did not pay well.

In cases where patients are unable to leave their homes to avail physiotherapy services, the physical therapist can recommend a suitable physiotherapy center. However, patients need to bear in mind that hiring of a professional physiotherapist does not mean that one will automatically receive quality service. A skilled physiotherapist should be consulted, as they have the necessary skill, experience and understanding to provide effective physiotherapy services. It is important to ensure that the person managing the physiotherapy services has sufficient knowledge about the diseases that a patient may be suffering from. This will help them in providing the right type of treatment and preventing further complications if any, as well.

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